"The word ‘Human’ is in itself something very special. I mean, it fascinates me how different Humans can be. Everybody is in himself/herself a great, original “project”. I am also fascinated by people’s various passions. (love, hate, malice, envy, altruism, selfishness, strength, tenderness, selflessness, modesty, vanity, ambition, and so on) "

Salah Seif

The artist was born in 1976 in Cairo (Egypt). He studied economics and management in Cairo, in the U.S. and in Germany. He discovered the love for art and painting only after he had worked a lot and had noted how power and money control our lives. These motifs also appear in his paintings. He has lived since December 2005 in Nuremberg. The time spent in Germany has changed his life totally - he has seen how materialistic the German society and how full of envy and hatred it can be. This experience has influenced him greatly and this also characterizes his pictures. He believes that despite driving big cars and having loaded bank accounts, the Germans are never satisfied and they mostly forget that we cannot take anything into the grave.

In Germany Salah feels often confined and cannot breathe, but he says you can also learn a lot here. There is always much ado about nothing. He is often in difficult situations, just like his homeland Egypt with its recent unrest. That makes him very often sad. These thoughts and feelings are also reflected in his paintings.

The artist gets very hurt and he does not understand why we humans cannot get along with each other. Why are there wars, why there is famine, why, why, why ... There are thousands of examples, but our life focuses only on power and money and we forget that the only great power is that of Allah, Subhanuh wa ta’alla.

Allah is the greatest! 

Exhibitions of Salah Seif

1 - June 2012 Arab community church in London UK
2 - September 2012 Café Louis, Nuremberg, Germany